Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Mullins Monitor Frame for Ironhead Motors

Its been a pretty serious couple months. We've been catching up on work we had to put off to finish the Born Free Shovelhead. Here's the first Monitor frame. Its not a real accurate example of what you can expect for a production frame only because our first frame order had a lot of custom geometry. This one is 2" out, 4" up with a 34 degree headtube and stock rear wheelbase. Weve been so burried we havnt had a minute to build a back stock of production frames.
Production Monitors will be available in stock geometry and I also want to have a straight backbone version available. Im sure that will work out to probably 1.5" up or so.
Frames are built from the same quality materials, DOM front triangle and CNC bent 4130 rear hoops. All welding is 100% tig welded by yours truly.
Production frames will be priced at $1000.00.
Any custom geometry will be billed at our hourly rate.
Thanks for your patience everybody. Evo sportster frames are next!
USS Monitor