Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back In Richmond! More BF Progress and new Lowbrow Distribution!

Ok lots to report. From now on Nicke and Brandon will be dropping by each others blogs to share their bizarre ideas. It was a harsh two weeks in Sweden but worth the trip. We strictly post work and related stuff done here at the shop but we've given Nicke free reign to do whatever he likes thereby completely contradicting our principles. Brandon may do the same at Rigid Hips who knows. On an even cornier note we broke down and started a Mullins Chain Drive business page on the facebook. Its another way to show folks work pics and more secret projects. Its not much yet but we will post pics exclusive to that page when we get them:  http://www.facebook.com/TheChainDrive check in every once in a while if you think you really have to.

We will be finishing up a few customer projects this month then basically dedicating May to completeing our Born Free bike.We can still be reached for questions at info@mullinschaindrive.com and taking orders. For those of you interested in any of our production parts, frames, etc., we just sent our first shipment to Tyler over at Lowbrow. This deals going to allow you guys to get your Mullins parts faster and keep Brandon out of the post office and in the shop where he belongs. We made the choice to approach Tyler after seeing him at Bonneville last year. We like his style. Heres a few of us from the salt last year and a couple more Born Free progress pics. Thanks

You'll never guess

Nothing ever fits


the Harvester of Bondo rides again

Rushmor FC/ MMMMF

Blackeyed red necked and drank all the beer in Wendover

Jasin on Velo Brandon worked on a few years back