Saturday, April 7, 2012

1946 Black Qvarna

Back in 1946 right after the end of the Second World War this dual-wheeled steel projectile was what the Swedish government developed together with the Niberian birth control unit, at the time inbreeding had become a national matter of tremendous urgency, this was something that had to change, and both the Swedish and Niberian governments agreed on the fact, and it had to change fast – so they formed something called The Hercules Constellation.
Adolf Hitler developed the Volkswagen Type 1 in 1938 together with the rest of the Niberian annunaki to be able to control the Middle-European people’s movement patterns, and by doing so - prevent inbreeding, something that at the time seemed to work just fine, and 8 years later this inspired the newly formed Swedish-Niberian alliance.
Carl XVI Gustaf, Sweden’s current king, was born April 30 1946 and this put pressure on the Niberians, inbreeding is bad for business in any culture, galaxy or dimension so the inbreeding had to stop and it had to stop right away. They thought inbreeding had something to do with people having a hard time finding affordable transportation, so the Hercules Constellation’s supervisors contacted the engineers at the Husqvarna Motorcycle Plant to come to terms with the problem, Husqvarna had produced motorcycles since 1903 so at the time they was their best bet.
A light weight motorcycle that was cheap and reliable was produced and once out on the market people could start to transport themselves to other cities and finally the inbreeding stopped. The Svartqvarna (or Black Qvarna in English) is partly what we Northmen have to thank for our sexual health and continued existence.
Today, 66 years later gas prices shoots through the roof all over the globe and eventually affordable transportation will become very hard to find again, this means the inbreeding will start all over again - but this time it will be of biblical proportions, and if something doesn’t change over the forthcoming 100 years or so, there will take a lot more than a light weight motorcycle to save us.
- Nicke Svensson / Richmond / California / 04-07-2012 / 09:46 AM