Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Word From Brandon

Hello everybody in blog land. I wanna thank all our customers for being so patient these last few months on getting your parts and work done. Its a one man operation over here. Now that Im full time at the shop, things are getting faster and way more efficient every day. I will be bringing in a real live EMPLOYEE in January to help with a lot of the work. Hes a solid kid and sound fabricator,.

Mullins Chain Drive is something Ive been working at now for almost 7 years. In that time I have had little time to really finish out a bike of my own. The last one anybody probly saw was the beloved Tiny Dancer. Helping other people is as gratifying and maybe even moreso than building something for myself. Bringing the kid in will free up some time to finally build something for me and progress on more creepy parts that people dont even know they cant live without yet! Pretty excited.

Also you guys need to check out Scott Jones at Noise. T Bone was the first guy down in L.A., outside of the Sinners, that I linked up with years ago and Ive seen him progress from the awful red faux hawk hipster kid using way too much round rod on 70's ironheads, to a very well rounded fabricator. While Ive always been into meat, drugs, racism, and satan, Mr. Bone has been the exact opposite. Somehow weve stayed friends and incredibley I never got weird with Summer. T Bone is on his own now at his shop and I think he's going to do just fine. He always got to work about 2 hours before me in the old days and thats a true sign of a dedicated fool.

Thats quite enough for now. Best regards from Richmond,