Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Richmond Spool

So we've been waiting on these little guys to get done for quite a while now. Its basically a star hub designed to be run as a spool . No brake drum shoulder, designed for 3/4 axle, and we went ahead and used sealed cartridge bearings instead of those miserable needle bearings. With the little star covers on both sides, its a perfect solution for guys that run no front brake but want their hubs to match. Fits neatly between a set of legs with Mullins trees too. With the arrival of the new spools we will FINALLY have the new website up this week. Hubs and axles are in the store. Heres a few laced up on bikes around town....

Kelly from over the bridge

Jason from over the other bridge

Between a set of Mullins 41mm trees.

Its been a busy month finishing up frame orders for a few guys and also a couple really insane gas tanks. We will have pictures up soon. And the website deals finally coming together.